Employees can submit their business expenses and check the status of claims online. The bank reconciliation feature within ScaleFactor allows users to process ACH and paper checks i… To bolster this effort, ScaleFactor hired The Outsourced Accountant, an offshore firm in the Philippines, to help. But no matter where they worked, the unpredictable technology continued to lead to errors in customers’ books. Most of these features were supposed to be powered by a combination of artificial intelligence tools and accounting experts.


When we have required additional services as we grow, like outsourced CFO services, they’ve been supportive and have recommended the best of the best providers in their network for us to work with. I trust ScaleFactor and highly recommend working with them for bookkeeping services. Graphcore, a UK-based startup that designs processors specifically for artificial intelligence… In 2017 the company launched their first software product which was built on top of QuickBooks and Xero with the goal to orchestrate the laborious process of bookkeeping. They claimed that they were able to automate SME bookkeeping and payroll thanks to a groundbreaking AI that they were developing in-house. Ad All-in-one digital marketing platform empowering small businesses to build stronger customer relationships.

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We also won’t sacrifice quality of service or the human connection in order to scale and line our own pockets. As a bootstrapped business we understand that every dollar counts and it is our responsibility to our clients and our team to do the right thing, even if that means to grow more slowly. We see this as a marathon, not a sprint; moving carefully has allowed us to remain competitive while embracing compassion and creativity.

  • Kurt Rathmann told his big-name investors he had developed groundbreaking AI to do the books for small businesses.
  • The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents , partnerships and news mentions to help you see tomorrow’s opportunities, today.
  • Knowing about the scale factor can help you to better understand these topics.
  • You could create a ratio of left-handed students to all students, but that ratio is not a scale factor.
  • Once all the bugs were cleared up we like the integration this software has with QB and another POS system we use called Service Fusion.
  • I’ll let you decide, but the one thing that’s apparent is that the challenge of interweaving accounting and AI functionalities into one platform that accomplishes tasks that are regularly performed by humans is no easy feat.

This second moment in time , at which the photons which compose the cosmic microwave background radiation were last scattered, is often mistaken as marking the end of the radiation era. The evolution of the scale factor is a dynamical question, determined by the equations of general relativity, which are presented in the case of a locally isotropic, locally homogeneous universe by the Friedmann equations. Also known as the cosmic scale factor or sometimes the Robertson Walker scale factor, this is a key parameter of the Friedmann equations. ScaleFactor said, during the round, it intended to use the funds raised to expand operations while exploring other products such as loans or insurance to existing clients.

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With insight of payroll management, billpay, cash approvals, cash accounting, and an ability to project forward cash flows , ScaleFactor will be able to offer lending services to smooth bumps in a company’s progress. You calculate the scale factor of similar figures by taking the ratio of corresponding parts of the two figures. When enlarging the shape, the larger measurement is the numerator, and the smaller measurement is the denominator. When shrinking the shape, the smaller measurement is the numerator, and the larger measurement is the denominator. If the copy of the actual object is not made to scale, it will look unrealistic, like a little child’s toy. A scale factor in math is the ratio between corresponding measurements of an object and a representation of that object.

At the same time, the bookkeeper, accountant, CPA, and CFO of “yesteryear” will not survive unless they shed past practices and embrace technology. ScaleFactor is constantly developing and adapting client dashboards and reporting in the platform, providing versatile data that supports better decision making for our business. ScaleFactor provides us with real-time reporting capabilities and often interviews us to make sure they’re capturing actionable and critical data points that are most important to the services industry and our business.

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It was then reported that customers started to cancel, while some of them demanded refunds. According to former customers mentioned in the article, ScaleFactor was overpromising and underdelivering, creating erroneous bookkeeping, and being viewed as more of a bookkeeping servicebusiness than a software platform. Today ‘automated’ accounting service ScaleFactor announced that it would be permanently shutting down, closing its doors on August 28th, 2020. In an announcement made by the CEO, they noted that half of their team would be immediately terminated and the other half would help close out operations through the end of August. While some of their actions in closing are commendable– offering 12 weeks of severance, health care through the end of the year, recruiting assistance, and allowing their team to keep their equipment– this announcement must come as a shock…

Infor Global Solutions provides business applications to mid-sized companies. The company offers numerous products for human capital management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. The company offers, Infor ERP, solutions that deliver functionality and usability specifically for the manufacturing and distribution industries.On February 4th, 2020, ScaleFactor Infor was acquired by Koch Equity Development at a valuation of $11 billion. In the early stages of the Big Bang, most of the energy was in the form of radiation, and that radiation was the dominant influence on the expansion of the universe. Later, with cooling from the expansion the roles of matter and radiation changed and the universe entered a matter-dominated era.


ScaleFactor is a cloud-based business accounting solution suitable for small and midsize companies. It helps businesses to automate complex accounting workflows and translate financial information into actionable insights. Key features include bookkeeping, billing and invoicing, audit and compliance management, expense management and more. ScaleFactor allows businesses to capture expense details and categorize them under suitable headers. The solution tracks regular cash flow and identifies patterns in daily transactions to notify and alert accountants in case of any abnormalities.

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However, we are not surprised by the news out of Austin this week that ScaleFactor is shutting down shop, as announced by their CEO, Krut Rathmann, on Tuesday. The idea that technology will replace “the bookkeeper” is not fully true nor fully false. The challenge is that there are two problems that the bookkeeping and accounting industry is aiming to solve. The second problem is the interpretation, implementation, and execution of the insights coming out of the data. In June 2020 the fintech startup ScaleFactor announced that it is winding down.

  • ScaleFactor is on a mission to remove the barriers to financial clarity that every business owner faces.
  • While we may not have $100 million lying around, we offer concrete value to our clients, 99% of whom we retained even in the face of a global pandemic and recession, and we continue to operate profitably despite dreadful market conditions.
  • Save time with more accurate financial operations at
  • To make scale models, you need accurate plans of the original item, like a scale drawing.
  • They specialise in helping to choose apps that integrate with Xero to boost business performance for some of those industries.
  • Today ‘automated’ accounting service ScaleFactor announced that it would be permanently shutting down, closing its doors on August 28th, 2020.

The company will be providing all employees with a minimum of 12 weeks severance pay and will cover healthcare through the end of 2020. Due to headwinds created by the current economic climate, is laying off half of its workforce today and retaining a portion of its team to help its current customers transition to new service providers. In the most general sense, a scaling includes the case in which the directions of scaling are not perpendicular. It also includes the case in which one or more scale factors are equal to zero , and the case of one or more negative scale factors (a directional scaling by -1 is equivalent to a reflection). When the scale factor is larger than 1, (uniform or non-uniform) scaling is sometimes also called dilation or enlargement. When the scale factor is a positive number smaller than 1, scaling is sometimes also called contraction or reduction. Most software product are truly just software with little backbone behind it.

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In the world of lean startups, spit-and-duct tape solutions are expected. Faking it initially is not only tolerated but outright encouraged to prove there is a market for the solution you are trying to build. Lindsey Reinders’ business lost $17,000 because of one such error that wasn’t caught for a couple of months. And when she demanded to be compensated, she was offered a partial refund under the condition that she wouldn’t share publicly her customer experience. For these software services, ScaleFactor charged around $6k annually up to $30k for their most premium plans. As ScaleFactor scrambled to add new customers, existing customers were demanding refunds.


Developer of a SaaS-based finance and accounting software designed to streamline business accounting and financial operations. ScaleFactor is the smart finance and accounting engine that enables businesses to operate in real time. Designed with business owners in mind, ScaleFactor integrates with Xero to automate the workload that burdens entrepreneurs. ScaleFactor’s team of trusted experts help business owners with their complex financial needs and provide skillful support to power growth companies. Save time with more accurate financial operations at ScaleFactor is a smart finance and accounting platform that enables businesses to operate in real time.

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I’ll let you decide, but the one thing that’s apparent is that the challenge of interweaving accounting and AI functionalities into one platform that accomplishes tasks that are regularly performed by humans is no easy feat. Moreover, even the fact that humans were doing most of the work of the supposed AI isn’t a big surprise.

ScaleFactor set out to disrupt the accounting industry by offering “automated accounting,” something many of their competitors have tried to accomplish but have not executed well. However, it seems the only disruption they ultimately caused is to their clients’ and employees’ financial lives – smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic and recession. The cosmological constant is given the symbol Λ, and, considered as a source term in the Einstein field equation, can be viewed as equivalent to a “mass” of empty space, or dark energy.

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Once a big name invests in such a company, a lot of other investors crowd together because of the simple fear of missing out. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website.

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But ScaleFactor used aggressive sales tactics and prioritized chasing capital instead of building software that ultimately fell far short of what it promised, according to interviews with 15 former employees and executives. Unfortunately, burning through $103 million in cash has got to be the hardest way to learn this lesson. At Accountingprose we strive to adopt the best and latest technology and automate our solutions wherever possible. We recognize, though, that the most important part of the accounting engagement is the human relationship; providing timely, data-driven, and bespoke advice to our clients. Perhaps not all parts of accounting, but the day-to-day minutiae will eventually be handed over to the robots. Many luddite accounting firms may balk and hold ScaleFactor up as proof that automated accounting isn’t possible, but the truth is- automated accounting is just not possible yet. I for one welcome our robot overlords, because I see this as an opportunity to shift our focus from data entry to data validation and advisory work.

A scale factor gives the ratio of the representation to the actual object. To go from legs of 12cm to legs of 36cm, we needed to multiply 12cm times 3. In uniform scaling with a non-zero scale factor, all non-zero vectors retain their direction , or all have the direction reversed, depending on the sign of the scaling factor. In non-uniform scaling only the vectors that belong to an eigenspace will retain their direction. A vector that is the sum of two or more non-zero vectors belonging to different eigenspaces will be tilted towards the eigenspace with largest eigenvalue. When the early universe was about 47,000 years old , mass–energy density surpassed the radiation energy, although the universe remained optically thick to radiation until the universe was about 378,000 years old .